Human Genetic Engineering

Human Genetic Engineering is the most talked about thing in the recent few years. It can be heard in government legislative or in any executive government department. By the passing time, people will have an idea what will be the decision of the government regarding the use of Human Genetic Engineering and human cloning.

However, it is one of the biggest breakthrough achievements for mankind after the successful discoveries of atomic energy and aircraft for traveling in space. Many facts and eventualities have existed since the evolution of Human Genetic Engineering. Such eventualities have forced the government to draw some strict guidelines for putting control on experiments that involve the use of Human Genetic Engineering.

Government of many European countries has defined or declared some strict laws that prohibit humans in making any experiments on Human Genetic Engineering without getting the NOC from the government officials. However, they have made these laws keeping in consideration the breakthroughs or achievements that have been possible with the invention of gene therapy.

The process began when two scientists from Scotland created the clone of an animal.  This was the first time when the genes of living being got altered with the new ones. Cloning was done in order to reduce the detrimental deterioration of health among several animals.

Few American scientists have decided to conduct a test of cloning on them to find what possible outcomes will be there. The use of Human Genetic Engineering is not that easy in terms of the aspects that it involves with it. It is only because of the microscopic nature, and the complexity in the DNA. Nucleotide component is also the reason for the impossibility to use the Human Genetic Engineering.  However, a lot of studies have been made concerning the progress in the use of Human Genetic Engineering for the welfare of the society.

We can map the DNA and chromosomes for referencing in the mere future if we wish to conquer more about them. An ongoing project is there that focuses on the human genome mapping. The expected time of ten years might be required for the completion of this project named human genome project. Human Genetic Engineering process involves the genes that need alteration, and chromosome slice. Gene must be the one that controls or holds the characteristic of a certain body part. Endonuclease will split the gene, and the DNA sequence from the chromosome.

For an instance, this gene can be altered or programmed in such a way that it will act as an antiviral protein, and then it can be placed into a different organism. After the chromosome gets sealed, then one can easily do the bacteria re-programming with a purpose of antiviral protein activation.

By then, Human Genetic Engineering and intervention has already manipulated the condition of bacteria. However, that gene can go on with his life, which is healthier than ever. Many pros and cons are still there in the use of Human Genetic Engineering. Complete subject has been a concern for the scientists involved in this area of work.

Human Genetic Engineering
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