Human Genetics

It has been a long time since Human Genetics got introduced to mankind. One can definitely think of it as a great achievement in the entire history of humans. It is the alteration of genes in a human being for making him or her resistant to different kind of diseases that can prove deadly, because most of them do not have a cure.

Human Genetics has been on and off the papers since the day it was first used by the Spanish scientist for making a clone of an animal. Since then, many governments have forcefully laid some prescriptions of using the Human Genetic Engineering Concepts And Applications on a living thing.

It is an intervention of genetic processes for the genes alteration. The main purpose of doing it is to produce new substance in organisms that have different genes. This can also be used for improving the functionality of the genes in an organism.

Human Genetics is an exciting biological sciences field that can inspire a lot of young students to take a step ahead in making carrier in this field. With the intervention of genetic engineering chances are there that the scientists and researches may be able to invent medicines for diseases that have no cure. There can be numerous improvements in the materials that play a vital role in the proper running of a human life.

Human Genetics has given hopes of a better and healthier life for people in the upcoming future. A human genome project has been established that deals with alteration of genes in a human. It is an effort towards the categorization of human species genes in such a way that will make them resistant to any severe disease.

However, the potentials or essentials of Human genetic engineering can frighten many people to a certain extent. Misuse of genetic engineering can lead to a lot of consequences. It can result in creating consequences in the schemes concerning the control of population. Other areas of consequences include the bungling that can result due to viruses made by man.

Whenever there is a discussion of Human Genetics, the first thing that might strike the mind is the DNA that gets the reference pretty often. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid; it is a molecule that holds inherited genetic codes. The main place where the DNA resides is in the chromosomes. It makes its presence in a thread like structure that can be found in the centre for control in every living being or in the nucleus of a living thing. Genes are also responsible for the existence of chromosomes. Such genes carry codes in the chromosomes that enable it to produce proteins.

This is the central point of concern in a lot of researches been conducted on Human Genetics. Discovery of DNA took place 130 years from now by Johann Friedrich, a famous biochemist from France. Many other scientist were involved in making its discovery, but he became the first to reach their, with his efforts and potentials.

Human Genetics
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