Human Genetics Research

Human genetics research is a revolutionary change in the field of medical science. It has made several advances in this field. It entered this field many years ago when Hippocrates discovered nature laws can easily describe the body workings. This revolution identified that contaminated water is a primary reason that leads to a disease like cholera.

It can also lead to sanitation systems improvisations. Second revolution included the use of surgery procedure for the treatment. On the other hand, the third revolution included the introduction of antibiotics and vaccines that can be used for treatment in many diseases.

Human genetics research fourth revolution led to real cures with the help of genetic engineering and gene therapy. This revolution can enhance the potentials of a lot of humans. The effects of such can be felt a lot beyond the use of medicines. It can lay effects on all kinds of cultures.

A person just has to ensure that he or she uses it with complete care for perfect happiness and health. If used improperly, then genetic engineering can lead to scarring results. It can change the complete lifestyle of a person. Many pioneers involved in genetic sciences and human genetics research believe that there soon will be a cure for all diseases, and this will be possible only with the help of gene-based therapy. However, these therapies will have profound and severe risks of their own.

To get down the slippery slope of potentials, the first step should be Human genetics research. It is a science of notifying information. One cannot consider it as an issue from the ethics. There have been a lot of controversies on the research procedure involved in human genetics.

Embryonic stern cells have also been among the area of concern for a lot of people involved in this research. Life potentials in a human gets destroyed when the stern cell are extracted from the embryo of a human being. Several questions confront us about the end and beginning of sciences and life respectively.

Primary goals of the human genetics research were to include the use of genetic engineering and gene therapy in the complete therapy procedure. Gene therapy works by inducing the disease in patients without troubling the traits. Genetic engineering directs or informs people about the changes in the disease. There were few concerns about the ethics involved in the gene therapy. However, these ethical concerns do not have any significance. Primary ethical concerns were the changes in the reproductive system. These changes were inadvertent. Another ethical problem is the side effects of prescription drugs.

Many profound ethical concerns will always be found in human genetics research. Frankenstein syndrome is one of the most common concerns associated with genetic engineering. An alternative ethical concern is the super-race enhancements. There was subjugation with the normal-race, however, super-race got the consideration of being the elite in them. Frankenstein syndrome gets more attention, because there is a need for eliminating them or to remove them at the earliest.

Human Genetics Research
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