Human Cloning And Genetic Engineering

A primary debate topic among the people from western civilization is the effects of human cloning and genetic engineering. This topic has given place to a lot of controversies in that civilization. It is an asexual reproduction using genetic engineering. There is a huge relation between human cloning and genetic engineering.

In fact, cloning cannot be done without the concepts of human genetic engineering. Many communities have shown awareness about the inevitability of human cloning. Medical and scientific communities have come up with their support for human cloning. People involved in science fields like social sciences, psychology, and few others will have to discover new ways for maintaining a proper system for healthcare. They should do this in order to prepare themselves for the problems that can occur due to human cloning.

Human cloning and genetic engineering can lead to several changes in the healthcare system for humans. This will bring a lot of changes in the specific behavior standards of parents towards children created with the help of genetic engineering or towards cloned babies.


A lot of people believed that we should not in a position to label the debate for human cloning. LIpschutz who was also there in the debate, said that we should focus on finding out when cloning can be wrong, but not on proving it completely wrong. Human cloning and genetic engineering have led its way to some serious objections.

However, they can add numerous benefits to the lives of people. Most influcial objection is the effects that human cloning will have on the welfare of children. Few personalities were there that have successfully defined major harms that a cloned child can suffer. Mentioned below are the few effects or harms given by critics:

* People can show prejudicial or immature behaviour towards the cloned child, and this might be the harmful effect on clones.

* Parents demands and expectations can also harm the clones to a certain extent.

* Unawareness of genes can also lead to harmful effects on the cloned children.

Issues concerning harms of human cloning

There has been a lot of implication being implied on the issues concerning the evolvement of human cloning. These implications have played an impactful and impressive role in moulding or changing public attitudes towards human cloning and genetic engineering. Many researchers and policy makers have also been influenced by these implications for harm issues of human cloning.  Many consequences and a lot of implication have been involved in using human cloning and genetic engineering. Both of them are a part of advancements and enhancements of technologies.

Several questions are there that have no answers till now. For an instance, there were implications about what fundamental changes will take place with the introduction of human cloning and genetic engineering. Other questions include what effects it will have on the psychology of children, and what attitudes will it develop among people towards cloned children. Identity formation can also be an area of major concern among some critics.

Human Cloning And Genetic Engineering
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