Human Genetic Engineering Pros And Cons

Many human genetic engineering pros and cons are there that have stayed the same since its introduction to humanity. When the humans started harnessing the atomic powers, then just few years later they also start recognizing the effects of human genetic engineering on mankind. Many scientists have a belief that gene therapy can be a mainstream for saving lives of many people. A lot of human genetic engineering pros and cons have been involved since the evolution of genetic engineering. Mentioned below are some important advantages or pros of genetic engineering

  • With the help of gene therapy our scientists can easily detect the humans or other resources that have greater chances of getting stuck into hereditary or deadly diseases.
  • A lot of diseases are there that have no cure, so the invention of genetic engineering in medical sciences can result as a cure to several deadly diseases. Few infectious or uncured diseases can be treated by the implantation of genes that carry antiviral proteins in code.
  • Genetic diversity can be increased to a certain extent with the help of genetic engineering. This will help in producing alleles that varies a lot from each other, and then other species can also be implanted with the crossed over genetic diversity.

Other human genetic engineering pros and cons include the desirable characteristics in different plants and animals at the same time convenient. One can also do the manipulation of genes in trees or big plants. This will enable the trees to absorb increased amount of carbon dioxide, and it will reduce the effects of global warming. However, there is a question from critics that whether man has the right to do such manipulations or alterations in the genes of natural things.

With human genetic engineering, there is always a chance for altering the wheat plants genetics, which will then enable it to grow insulin. Human genetic engineering pros and cons have been among the concern of a lot of people involved in genetic engineering. Likewise the pros, certain cons are there of using the genetic engineering. Mentioned below are the cons of human genetic engineering:

  • A lot of scientists have a view that the introduction of genes that have been modified genetically can have effects that can never be removed or reversed. Few consequences will always be involved in the use of human genetic engineering.
  • Several moral and religious issues will always be there with the use of gene therapy of living beings. Critics have questioned that whether man has the freedom to alter the already available sources of earth.

The evolution of genetic engineering gets the consideration of being the biggest breakthroughs in the history of mankind after the evolution of atomic energy, and few other scientific discoveries. However, human genetic engineering pros and cons together have contributed a lot in creating a controversial image of it among the people.

All these eventualities have forced the government of many countries to make strict legislation laws to put restrictions on different experiment being made on human genetic engineering. They have made this decision by considering different human genetic engineering pros and cons.


Human Genetic Engineering Pros And Cons
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