Human Genetics

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It has been a long time since Human Genetics got introduced to mankind. One can definitely think of it as a great achievement in the entire history of humans. It is the alteration of genes in a human being for making him or her resistant to different kind of diseases that can prove deadly, because most of them do not have a cure.

Human Genetics has been on and off the papers since the day it was first used by the Spanish scientist for making a clone of an animal. Since then, many governments have forcefully laid some prescriptions of using the Human Genetic Engineering Concepts And Applications on a living thing.

It is an intervention of genetic processes for the genes alteration. The main purpose of doing it is to produce new substance in organisms that have different genes. This can also be used for improving the functionality of the genes in an organism.

Human Genetic Engineering Debate :Threats To Mankind

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Major area for human genetic engineering debate revolves around the ethics involved in testing of genetics. Other areas for debate include selective eugenics as well as genetic discrimination. Apart from the above debates, the scientists have now been found busy on making debates on some other frightening prospects of human genetic engineering.

Human genetic engineering debate has been running from the day genetic engineering first came to existence.  This is the intentional human being genetic engineering. Ian Wilmut and Dolly were the two famous scientists that first brought a mammal clone into introduction.  They had an aim of setting a new benchmark in techno-eugenics.

Human Genetics Research

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Human genetics research is a revolutionary change in the field of medical science. It has made several advances in this field. It entered this field many years ago when Hippocrates discovered nature laws can easily describe the body workings. This revolution identified that contaminated water is a primary reason that leads to a disease like cholera.

It can also lead to sanitation systems improvisations. Second revolution included the use of surgery procedure for the treatment. On the other hand, the third revolution included the introduction of antibiotics and vaccines that can be used for treatment in many diseases.

Human genetics research fourth revolution led to real cures with the help of genetic engineering and gene therapy. This revolution can enhance the potentials of a lot of humans. The effects of such can be felt a lot beyond the use of medicines. It can lay effects on all kinds of cultures.

Human Genetic Engineering Pros And Cons

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Many human genetic engineering pros and cons are there that have stayed the same since its introduction to humanity. When the humans started harnessing the atomic powers, then just few years later they also start recognizing the effects of human genetic engineering on mankind. Many scientists have a belief that gene therapy can be a mainstream for saving lives of many people. A lot of human genetic engineering pros and cons have been involved since the evolution of genetic engineering. Mentioned below are some important advantages or pros of genetic engineering

  • With the help of gene therapy our scientists can easily detect the humans or other resources that have greater chances of getting stuck into hereditary or deadly diseases.
  • A lot of diseases are there that have no cure, so the invention of genetic engineering in medical sciences can result as a cure to several deadly diseases. Few infectious or uncured diseases can be treated by the implantation of genes that carry antiviral proteins in code.
  • Genetic diversity can be increased to a certain extent with the help of genetic engineering. This will help in producing alleles that varies a lot from each other, and then other species can also be implanted with the crossed over genetic diversity.

Human Cloning And Genetic Engineering

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A primary debate topic among the people from western civilization is the effects of human cloning and genetic engineering. This topic has given place to a lot of controversies in that civilization. It is an asexual reproduction using genetic engineering. There is a huge relation between human cloning and genetic engineering.

In fact, cloning cannot be done without the concepts of human genetic engineering. Many communities have shown awareness about the inevitability of human cloning. Medical and scientific communities have come up with their support for human cloning. People involved in science fields like social sciences, psychology, and few others will have to discover new ways for maintaining a proper system for healthcare. They should do this in order to prepare themselves for the problems that can occur due to human cloning.

Human cloning and genetic engineering can lead to several changes in the healthcare system for humans. This will bring a lot of changes in the specific behavior standards of parents towards children created with the help of genetic engineering or towards cloned babies.

Human Genetic Engineering Facts

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Names of a lot of scientists come to notice whenever there are talks about Human Genetic Engineering Facts. Two scientists namely Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer discovered a technique for cloning using DNA. These two have contributed a lot in Human Genetic Engineering studies. This stage was the discovery of science for historians. It was also the beginning of advanced sciences.

Two other popular scientists involved in studying Human Genetic Engineering Facts were Cohen and Boyer. They made proper use of enzymes with the purpose of cutting bacteria plasmid in slices.

A different DNA strand was required for placing these slices. DNA strands can be obtained from that particular bacteria plasmid. Cohen and Boyer, together with their efforts, proved that it is quite possible to manipulate or mix the genes. DNA mapping has made it easier for the scientists to do the genes manipulation.

Human Genetic Engineering : History

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Human Genetic Engineering History goes back to the 1919 when an engineer from Hungary gave a term biotechnology to products developed by using raw materials. The engineer made use of this term in its best possible sense. Civilizations in the ancient times discovered that a lot of products can be made by using micro-organisms.

However, people that time have no idea about there are active agents in the microbes. Back in 7000 B.C. some existing tribes also made precious discoveries about how to make beer using yeast. The Human Genetic Engineering History continues going ahead since those times. There is a lot of difference between Biotechnology and genetic engineering.

In one hand, gene manipulation is the result of equating biotechnology. However, many aspects are there that define biotechnology. On the other hand, genetic engineering came to perspective, because of its specific technique for manipulating genes.

Human Genetic Engineering : Concepts And Applications

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Many scientists and researchers have been involved in evolving the Human Genetic Engineering Concepts And Applications. Alleles of different kinds have an advantage of surviving in changing environments. This is only due to the natural selection. However, these natural selections can be reflected with the infectious disease cycles of virulence and prevalence. A question always remains that why a gene pool has mutant alleles that can prove harmful in the mere future.

This is the case, even if the detrimental phenotypes have been eliminated from the people. Similarly, there are a lot of Human Genetic Engineering Concepts And Applications. Chances are always there for the disease to remain in a stable position when individuals benefit the heterozygotes. It is a case with those individuals with two similar alleles of wild nature. Other fascinating examples are there that may involve the Human Genetic Engineering Concepts And Applications.

Human Genetic Engineering Cons

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Many Human Genetic Engineering Cons are there that can stop a person from getting through the entire gene therapy. It is a process in which there is a modification or change in the genes of a human. The aim or objective of using Human Genetic Engineering is to choose newborn phenotype or to change or alter the existing phenotype of an adult or an already grown child. Human Genetic Engineering has shown a lot of promise for curing cystic fibrosis. It is a kind of genetic disease that exist in humans. It will increase the level of immunity in people. Increased immunity will make them resistant to several severe diseases.

There is also a speculation that Human Genetic Engineering can be used in other area of work. It can be used for making changes in the physical appearances. Metabolism may notice some improvements.  Human Genetic Engineering Cons can be seen on the mental abilities of a human.

Human Genetic Engineering Effects

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Some people can think of Human Genetic Engineering as a thing that makes them live a healthier life for a long time. People can think of it as a something straight from the heaven or a programmed human being. Genetic engineering is a concept that can be used for enhancing the life of human beings.

However, Human Genetic Engineering Effects are also there that can harm humans. A lot of doctors or scientists involved in gene engineering believe that if the research produces accurate and effective manipulation of DNA in the humans, then they can make medicines for diseases that have no cure. This will also enable the doctors to make changes in the genes of a child before the birth of that child, so there will be no defects on a child from birth.

Human Genetic Engineering

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Human Genetic Engineering is the most talked about thing in the recent few years. It can be heard in government legislative or in any executive government department. By the passing time, people will have an idea what will be the decision of the government regarding the use of Human Genetic Engineering and human cloning.

However, it is one of the biggest breakthrough achievements for mankind after the successful discoveries of atomic energy and aircraft for traveling in space. Many facts and eventualities have existed since the evolution of Human Genetic Engineering. Such eventualities have forced the government to draw some strict guidelines for putting control on experiments that involve the use of Human Genetic Engineering.

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